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Kala is a folklorist, self-styled musician, storyteller and touring artist. Kala Jojo brings a lifetime of training and experience to every community event and school residency he encounters. Kala is extremely proficient at connecting his story-art format with school curricula. Kala holds a Bachelors of Arts degree and has taken graduate courses in early childhood development/education. Currently he is a music teacher at the Harambee Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. His background includes, community work, New African drumming classes, Cultural productions, Rites of Passage programs for boys 6 to 14 years old, Storytelling workshops and on going collaborations with educators and artist.

Kala Jojo performs sensitive, interactive and thought provoking compositions. Weaving songs and ditty’s born of African heritage into stories of cultural diversity, healing, conflict resolve, and side splitting humor. He has delighted audiences throughout the U.S.A. He has an enviable approval rating among the young and older fans. Audience approval has generated encore performances on such stages as.



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